It’s time to fast-track your healing journey by shining a light on hidden beliefs and shifting your attachment style for a more fulfilled life.

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You're not crazy.

Even if you feel like you are because… 

But I know that’s not the real you. And these patterns are holding you back from living your most authentic life.

I know because this was the story of my life until I healed my insecure attachment.

I’m Sabrina, a Behavioral Scientist focused on Attachment and Trust. 

I bring the worlds of Attachment Science and Behavioral Science together in all my roles – as Co-Founder of Patterns to Presence where we coach our clients to holistically heal their childhood wounds; as Founder of Behavioral Hear Sight where I guide corporate clients in developing trust with their stakeholders, and more. 

But this isn’t where I started. Learn more about my story here.

After deep diving into Attachment Science (and even delivering a TEDx talk on the topic), I realized it is the foundation for Behavioral Science since it explains and predicts how trust governs human relationships from birth to death. Trust transforms human interactions and relationships and has the power to create a calmer, more secure world for all of us.

Let me help you create a calmer, more secure and less triggered world for you.


Let’s dive deep into your attachment patterns & set you up with next steps to become securely attached.

With a 45-minute deep-dive consultation, review, and findings presentation from me, get a practical view of how your attachment patterns are dictating your behaviors and relationships – and what you can do about it. 


A quantum leap from traditional therapy

Learn more about Patterns to Presence, a collaborative and holistic 4-week healing transformation to reconnect the mind, body, and breath.

Stop googling “Why do I get so triggered?” and start integrating real healing techniques from myself and team members Zamir and Farah to step into your most authentic self.


Introduce your community to the science of love & relationships

On topics of attachment styles, behavioral science, family dynamics and personal healing, let me share not only my experience but my expertise with your audience to guide them on their own journeys. 

My approach? I weave together personal stories, scientific research, and pop culture to educate a variety of audiences. Start the conversation today and let’s see how I can support your community.