Common Ground

I’d like to share with you a short story about an elderly and blind, but vibrant man who lived alone in a quiet part of town. Strong-willed and independent, some twenty years ago, he learned how to do everything again – this time, without his eyesight. Rising precisely at the break of dawn (without an alarm clock) to prepare for the day ahead: showering, shaving, and singing.

One day, on his evening walk, he suddenly forgot where he was and how to get home. After feeling a bench nearby, he gently took a seat and started to sing and patiently waited for help. He heard a couple of cars on the road, but no one heard his soft voice. The sky became darker as nightfall approached and still, the elderly man waited confidently. Before long, a beautifully-singing nightingale came weaving thru the trees and momentarily paused upon the elderly man’s shoulder as if to whisper, “Follow me.”

The elderly man’s past experiences allowed him to quickly trust and follow the nightingale’s voice to find his way home. He understood that aid can arrive in many different and unexpected forms. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for – and to that I would add: be prepared to receive it.

Figure out what you want/need, back it with strong intentions and faith, and put aside the worry of how (or in what form) it will be fulfilled. Trust in yourself, your abilities, your faith, your Universe. Perhaps your wish has already been granted. Look around. Are you sitting on that bench and ignoring the nightingale’s music?

The text that I bring to you today has a distinct place in my life, primarily because it was a book that my family bonded over. At one point, we considered it a manual to life; we were well-versed in its terminology, and deeply-rooted in each of its principles. We were thankful to (finally) use the same terminology to mean the same thing.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill gave us what we needed most: common ground. Common ground can reverse damaged relationships and distanced families. Whether it’s a book, a poem, a movie, or something else that is your guiding light, compass, or nightingale, as was the case in the story above – I urge you to share it with loved ones.

And I’d like to take a moment here and thank the person that handed me this book – thank you, again, for the gift of masterminding.

Below, I’ve included my favorite pieces from this book.

For those of you wanting more, the full text of Think and Grow Rich is available online:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Taken from Chapter 3 – Faith:


FAITH is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought!

FAITH is the basis of all “miracles,” and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science!

FAITH is the only known antidote for FAILURE!

FAITH is the element, the “chemical” which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.

FAITH is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought, created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent.

FAITH is the only agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.

Every man is what he is, because of the DOMINATING THOUGHTS which he permits to occupy his mind. Thoughts which a man deliberately places in his own mind, and encourages with sympathy, and with which he mixes any one or more of the emotions, constitute the motivating forces, which direct and control his every movement, act, and deed!

Resolve to throw off the influences of any unfortunate environment, and to build your own life to ORDER. Taking inventory of mental assets and liabilities, you will discover that your greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence. This handicap can be surmounted, and timidity translated into courage, through the aid of the principle of autosuggestion. The application of this principle may be made through a simple arrangement of positive thought impulses stated in writing, memorized, and repeated, until they become a part of the working equipment of the subconscious faculty of your mind.

Have Faith,


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