Wake Up

I love going to bed knowing that early in the morning, I will jump out of bed with a child’s curiosity, determination, and enthusiasm. Upon nightfall, I become an adult and tell my inner child to get to bed.

Now that I know (thru experience) that my body needs restful sleep, I generally choose my bed over a book. I know what you’re thinking…she is the epitome of nerd. If nerd equates to being a tireless learner, then count me in.

And let me tell you, there are others like me – and it has been my great fortune to live and learn with a group of them at Babson College. Taken from the website (www.etower.org), “The purpose of E-tower [Entrepreneurship tower] is to unite 21 student entrepreneurs and immerse them in an innovative, high-energy environment that promotes the creation, evolution, and implementation of business ideas.”

If I close my eyes and take a deep breath…I’m still able to feel the energy that resulted in many ideas, ventures, and (perhaps too many) all-nighters. Near the end of my time at Babson, I was pulling 1-2 all-nighters every week to write long poetic letters, revise business plans, and bake birthday cakes. The best part was that someone was always awake at E-tower. So it was quite fitting to begin calling our weekly meetings “Wake Up…It’s Monday!”

Treat every day like a Monday, or like a weekend, or whatever day you find yourself waking up on the right side of the bed. Make that day be your every day. Find what you have to do when you need to wake up and be ready to seize the day (and night­!). Reject the Monday morning blues. Tell them to be on their way, and that there is no room for them in your life.

If you still find it difficult to wake up, let Dr. Seuss show and tell you how it’s done in under 5 minutes: Great Day for Up! (video reading: http://bit.ly/c020rA)

This book, like all others, comes with another interesting story. At the age of four, I had the opportunity to recite prayers aloud at our religious community center. On that day, I received this book from a religious education teacher who was very impressed with my recitation.

I have returned the book now, hoping that his two beautiful little girls enjoy the book as much as I did. I’d also like to say thank you to my mom for reading this book to me hundreds of times.


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