It is no coincidence that the words meditate and medicine share roots. They both bring health and restore balance. 

The most common misconception is that one must be religious and/or believe in a Divine Being to meditate. The second most common misconception is that meditating is difficult. 

Meditation is meant to be the simplest, most rewarding activity for your body and mind. Just try sitting alone, in a comfortable position, with eyes closed, and “watch” your thoughts as they move in and out of your consciousness. 

Let your thoughts drift by without judgement. Notice that there are small gaps where one thought ends and another begins. The gaps allow your mind to breathe and recharge your body. 

Eventually, the frequency of thoughts will decrease and the gaps in between thoughts will widen. Through practice, you can expect to achieve a “blank state” of mind relatively quickly. 

You don’t need much more direction than this. But here’s some inspiration for you: 

“This is the first and most important thing to understand: never force anything, just let it go easily. If you ever want to find out what the secret to your life is, then you have to go inwards. And thoughts are always going outwards; every thought takes you outwards. When all thoughts cease, there is nowhere to go — you are simply at home. This at-homenesss is meditation.” -Osho



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