What I miss most about childhood is the ease with which we used to daydream.

At some point in our lives, we are taught that daydreaming is childish and that we must outgrow it. And I believed it for a long time…until it dawned on me that daydreaming is our innate ability to paint the future. 

Last year, I used to daydream of traveling the world and writing. I used to paint my desired reality in my mind and then breathe love and gratitude into every piece of it. I would earnestly ask the Universe to align itself and transform my desire from daydream to reality. Desire charged with emotion will manifest itself. 

Now that I know it works, I spend 15-20 minutes every Sunday daydreaming. It’s become a grounding ritual, a source of strength, and an integral part of my life. 

Dare to daydream. Design your desired reality. Think of it as laying out a blueprint for your future. And then trust the Universe to find a way to deliver it. 


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