Set Sail

Nature has its way of protecting us, by holding us close. Nature also has its way of preparing us, by giving us way. 

Yesterday evening, as we set sail off the coast of Mombasa, I saw how the beautiful coral reef stretched itself nearly all the way around to offer us comfort and protection. We steered towards the reef, where the white foam bubbled over the waves creating a second shoreline, or perhaps a second safety net.

I stared out into the monstrous body of water, curious as to what it was like on the other side of the reef. The pearly moon presented itself long before nightfall. The mango-orange sun hung like a lantern in the sky. Eventually, we came upon a gap in the coral reef denoted by the absence of white foam waves. I was told that we had reached the channel: the path Nature created for sailors to venture into the deeper waters of the Indian Ocean.

When crossing the channel, the sailors trade a level of security for adventure, experience, learning, growth, understanding, honor, confidence, mastery, achievement, enlightenment…etc.

Find a channel through which you can set sail and discover the depths of your inner self. Channels are limitless. It can be a place, a path, and even the people you meet along the way. Each channel requires you to trade in something of importance. It may be an attachment to a person, familiarity with your surroundings, or firmly held beliefs. The initial unease and discomfort are simply growing pains, which will subside, if you are truly committed to sailing. 

I’d like to thank all the people I met in the last few weeks who served as channels for my growth and understanding. 

Bon Voyage,

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