Quiet the Fear

Fear, a core instinctual emotion, has evolved into the greatest enemy.

Fear dictates our reactions in situations with real and even perceived danger. Our bodies only make a slight distinction between the two. Many of us have accepted the high stress levels as natural. In fact, some of us have taken it so far that we stress over not having anything to stress about.

We run on fear and stress. We create a constant state of emergency to get things done. We compromise our health for short-term wins. We reject the importance of nutritious meals or daily relaxation to meet a deadline, to race to the finish line, only to do it again the following day.

What we fail to see is that stressing over simple matters on a daily basis adds up. Fear leaves our bodies depleted of energy and robs us of our sanity, patience, and reason. We become dependent on instinct rather logic. And unfortunately, an annual detox trip to Peru isn’t going to reverse the long-term damage caused by hypertension and chronic fatigue. 

The next time you catch yourself stressing, stop and ask, “What am I fearful of? Is this a real or perceived fear? How can I reduce the stress and opt for logic?” Quiet the fear. Quiet the fear long enough to give yourself a chance to think rationally. 


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