Seek Guidance

On my seven-minute walk to work, I indulge in pure solitude. I look out at the open field, say hello to the beautiful creatures, and then resume my conversation with the Creator. 

Each morning, I give Him the list of endless thoughts clouding my mind – 

– lessons from the previous day
– plans for the current day
– challenges at work
– missing my family
– worries about upcoming deadlines
– back-to-back meetings and deliverables
– anxiety about the future
– regrets from the past
– people I need to contact
– tasks I forgot to write on my to-do list
– errands I need to run
– preparing for ‘what if’ situations

Before entering the office, I pause and sincerely ask Him to hold my hand in overcoming challenges of the day. “Please don’t let me forget why and for whom I am partaking in this work. Please light my path and guide my actions with your will.”

At the end of my day, I pack up my belongings, lock up the office, and meet Him in the courtyard. We chat only briefly, but He assures me I did well for the day. I smile and respond, “Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.”


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