25 Years in the Making…

1. My greatest realization: Blessings come with the responsibility to care for those less fortunate. Giving thanks is best exemplified by giving back.

2. Greatest weakness: Homesickness. I experience it about every 3 months, mostly during peak-fare seasons.

3. My morning prayer: Please don’t let me forget why I’m here and please hold my hand as I face today’s challenges.

4. My nighttime prayer: Please watch over my family.

5. What I fear the most: Losing sight of the eternal journey and final destination.

6. Best gift I’ve ever received: A long, heartfelt, handwritten letter.

7. Most valuable lesson: Go with the flow. Life is not a tug-of-war.

8. What I’ve left behind: Excessive materialism, finite rewards, the chase for more.

9. What I hope to gain: A greater understanding of the impending shift in our collective consciousness.

10. Where I look for timeless wisdom: The Bhagavad Gita. I read it at least 3 times a year.

11. Who I turn to for advice: My younger and wiser brother, Amin.

12. Best kept secret: I’m a closet fob. And I love shayari (poetry in Hindi/Urdu).

13. Most thankful for: My wings (compliments of Mom and Dad).

14. Funniest childhood memory: When I let my cousin Noreen put gum in my hair to demonstrate her magic trick. What a sticky situation!

15. When I deviated from the norm: Experiencing quarter-life crisis at age 21.

16. Hope to regularly practice: Carnatic singing.

17. Greatest practical strength: Being hard-wired to multitask phenomenally.

18. What I can always count on: My soul. And dark chocolate M&Ms.

19. What I’ve had to give up: The nearness of family. And half of my wardrobe.

20. What I wish I could bring back: Nap time, particularly after lunch.

21. What I’m looking forward to: Learning how to paint.

22. What I splurge on: Papyrus greeting cards.

23. Greatest compliment I’ve received: “You look like your mom.”

24. What I don’t miss at all: Driving – because women are meant to be driven ;).

25. Favorite form of indulgence: 8 hours of sleep.


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