If you’re like me, you keep your bags packed. Even today, I have a suitcase packed for Nairobi. Why, do you ask? 

Perhaps it’s because we routinely yearn for new sights and novel experiences. In a new place, we inspect everything with an oversized magnifying glass to find clues about its elemental nature, its real source, and its final destination. We search for an untold story, a hidden gem, or a thrilling encounter to take back with us. We lose ourselves in the journey, but somehow reemerge feeling refreshed. 

Why is it so easy to pack our bags and seek adventure out in the world and yet so difficult to unload our baggage and seek clarity in the world within us?

Because the mere act of introspection requires self-discipline. It takes effort and can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially if you don’t have a map to guide your journey.

This past week, I facilitated the beginning of this journey for 3 of my friends. I closely observed how one needs to first direct his/her curiosity inwards and then is able to better connect the inner and outer worlds. 

To summarize, here are my key learnings

1. By using the Conscious Communication Values Map, we are able to extract meaningful insights within a 90-minute session. Journeying inwards can be efficient. 

2. Even the most private individuals appreciate someone showing them how to better know and understand their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Who doesn’t like connecting the dots?

3. The Values Map becomes a reference point for future opportunities, decisions, and relationships, enabling the individual to make conscious choices in alignment with his/her values. Post-exercise journaling is highly recommended as this is only the beginning!


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