Divination Reading (3): What Do You Believe?

By this time, Elijah had already explained that all of the Inflow Matrix maps are based on sacred geometry, the language of the Spirit. We find these sacred patterns in light, music, and even our own DNA. Our ancestors knew that the Universe is intelligent by design and that there is a natural order that keeps everything together. The separation of science and spirituality is an illusion and inherently flawed.

Where had I heard that before? Where had I seen something similar? I flipped through my journal and found my notes from December 2009, on The Migrations of the Mind Exhibition at the The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Like science and spirituality, the mind and the heart are meant to work together in harmony. So many of us have allowed the mind to seize control and imprison the heart. If you don’t know what you want, ask yourself if you’ve imprisoned your heart…

Then there are others of us that say: I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get it. And still others of us say: I know what I want, but what am I doing wrong? “Go with the flow” or “just do it” are useless sayings for our time.

Often, it’s not what we’re doing that’s getting in the way, but it’s what we’re believing.

“Do you believe he exists?” Elijah asked.

I looked down at what I had initially written: I want to marry an Ismaili man who is spiritual.

“Well, I think he does, but let me explain…the Ismaili population itself is so small. To try to find a spiritual Ismaili man is a very difficult task…”

“If you could be with him, what would you be willing to exchange for it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, what are you willing to give up or change for you to have a relationship with this spiritual Ismaili man?”

“I’d be willing to give up my globe-trotting lifestyle, but it would be nice if he liked to travel so I can still satisfy my curiosity through our vacations.”

“What would you absolutely need in order to make that exchange?”

“I’d need him to provide emotional stability.”

“So write that down.”

Now the post-it read: I want to marry an Ismaili man who is spiritual and likes to travel + provides emotional stability.

The Value Card that landed on this want was Humour and the Choice Lens was Connection.

“Do you value humour?” Elijah inquired.

“Well, of course I value humour, but I’ve never thought of it as a necessary value.” I was having trouble imagining a spiritual Ismaili man who was intellectual, driven, but also humorous.

“Maybe you need more humour in your relationships…wouldn’t it be nice if he could make you laugh?” I nodded.

Little did I know that I would meet him only three weeks later. And the way we met was really funny.

There he was, seated at a New Year’s Eve dinner with 17 of his closest friends. A seemingly typical Alpha male, dressed and poised to woo. As we introduced ourselves, and he took it upon himself to humorously introduce everyone else, the song Smooth Operator played in my mind…

When I came back to the present moment, the night had gone to sleep and New Year’s Day had emerged. We had spent the first night of the year talking less about ourselves and more about the astral world and the afterlife.

It was so dreamlike, I still catch myself wondering if it’s real.

A couple of days later, when I first realized how reality manifested itself, I retraced everything back to the Divination Reading. Immediately, I called Elijah and said, “Elijah, you’ll never guess what happened…!!”

Elijah laughed and said, “This is just the beginning…”

And truly, it was.


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