Designing My Ideal Job

Now that my Life Map 1 was programmed and producing results, I wanted to understand how this was happening

The Inflow Matrix unites the two greatest and often opposing forces: the mind and the heart. When aligned, the two dance through life, delivering a fascinating performance. However, when they are divided, chaos ensues.

The heart resembles a physician. Based on existing afflictions, the heart issues an intention for healing and prescribes a set of 10 values. The intention invokes the mind’s attention and assigns it the role of a nurse who monitors progress. The mind then focuses its attention on the alignment between the prescribed values and actions.

The body-mind-soul team has a built-in feedback mechanism, a key component in any well-designed system. The feedback mechanism is activated when each of our control centers (mind, heart, and gut) have distinct roles and an unifying goal.

If we steer off-track or “miss a dose”, our faithful mind alerts us through painful or disharmonious feelings. This causes us to pause, reflect, and realign ourselves before proceeding.

Knowing that the Inflow Matrix first works on inner individual level, I consciously selected my set of 10 values and my 9 wants to program my Life Map 2: Ideal Job.

I encoded it in an Inflow Matrix pattern and then humbly turned it over to the Mighty Universe to find a way forward…updates to follow soon.

“…there are two ways of living: one way of living is to trust the pattern, to trust the dharma; the other way of living is to trust your own capacity for calculating. If you choose to calculate, then you put yourself under the laws of this Earth. If you are prepared not to calculate but to trust the laws of dharma, the pattern of things, this will then take care of you.” – JG Bennett, Enneagram Studies


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