The Inspiration Behind the IG Retreat: The Desire for a Conscious Community1 min read

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to belong to a conscious community that is united by a common worldview and connected by the desire to self-actualize.

A conscious community is the vehicle for spiritual evolution. There is only so much each of us can do on our own to raise our level of consciousness, to purify our souls, and to better reflect the light of the Absolute. We can meditate for hours and focus on our breath, but ultimately, spiritual evolution cannot occur in isolation.

Our interactions are the best representation of our stage in the journey. How do we see each other? How do we speak to one another? How can we respect each other’s paths, though they may be different from our own? How can we appreciate the diversity among people, cultures, and perspectives?

The ability to see others as oneself marks the transition from our current state to the perfected state of mankind’s destiny. And the journey from mind to heart is the first step towards that perfected state.

It is a journey that I intentionally struggle with every day. I struggle with likes and dislikes, between right and wrong, and from mind to heart. But it is only when I allow the two to co-exist that I can transcend the world of opposites, of duality, and momentarily find my way back to the One Creator.

The inspiration behind the IG Retreat was to create a place for the mind and heart to meet and plant the seeds for the creation of a conscious community.

Here is the picture of all of our inaugural attendees:

I invite you to watch the video IG Retreat 2015: The Meeting of the Mind and Heart linked below:

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