Heal from the past so you can live in the present and create a healthy future.

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Create a successful marriage and life with your partner.

Partners who have not healed their childhood wounds do not have what it takes to create healthy, stable, and fulfilling relationships.

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Choose Your Own Adventure


5-week signature program designed to heal and live with healthy presence.


Couples seeking healing and transformation through a individualized program.


I speak about attachment styles and relationships at companies, community events, and private gatherings.


This unique 5-week experience combines theory and application to support deep transformation.

Your journey consists of three synergistic components: Behavioral Science, Compassionate Inquiry, and Emotional Intelligence Training. When combined, they create multiple pathways for healing and connection.


Personalized deep dive into your relationship designed to help you and your partner thrive.

I guide you and your partner on the inner journey towards self-awareness, uncovering insecurities, and healing childhood trauma. Doing this allows you to live in the present with greater security and confidently give your relationship the best possible chance of


Introduce your community to a deeper understanding of relationships.

I weave together personal stories, scientific research, and common examples to educate a variety of audiences. I am frequently invited to speak on behavioral science, attachment styles, South Asian family dynamics, and personal healing.