• Daily Nourishment

    So far, I’ve shown you pictures of Iran from the inside out. Here’s one looking from the outside in – this is me in my element: I am nourished by my daily reading practice. What nourishes…

  • Goodnight Mama

    My soul awakens
    At all odd hours
    Crying for food
    Wanting to be held
    Are we there yet?
    She asks as she looks
    out of the window
    A sandbox of time
    She sees herself…

  • Two Become One

    Two candles in the sky
    Pointed to oneness
    Like the two wings
    of a butterfly
    The sea-saw motion
    Of love and hope
    They are mirrored
    In my own body
    I have two eyes…

  • Pond of Light

    Somewhere, deep within us
    Shadows encircle a pond of Light
    Befriend them one by one
    Offer them a listening ear
    Put your hand on your heart
    Speak softly and say Salaam
    How quickly it sets them at ease
    Say: I have heard your cry for help
    What is it that has hurt you…

  • Alamut Castle

    O Alamut!
    O sister of Al-Azhar and Dar al-Hikmah,
    O beautiful nest of shooting stars,
    I’ve come to pay homage to you.
    O safe haven of intellectual vitality,
    O gatherer of scholars and scientists,
    I’ve come to bow my head in your honor.
    “But I am ruined – can’t you see? I couldn’t save the libraries…

  • Iran: The Land of Persian Mystics and Sufi Poets Part 2

    Upon entering Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, I found myself in the city of my own heart. The hustling bazaar swiftly faded away behind me. Lit by the desert sun and contained by 4 colossal gates, the inner courtyard is a place for…

Copyright © 2019 Sabrina Lakhani

Copyright © 2020 Sabrina Lakhani