• TEDx Talk at University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan

    In March 2019, I was invited by the University of Central Asia to speak at a TEDx event hosted by the students in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. This is one of the scariest things I’ve said yes to […]

  • Siblings, but Strangers – Part 3

    It’s been 5 months since I published the last update.  A lot has happened.   Here’s a recap of our outward life events: We quit sibling therapy  Amin fully recovered from his injury I delivered a […]

  • Siblings, but Strangers – Part 1

    At age 32, I wrapped up my life in New York in two weeks and moved in with Amin, my 30-year old brother in Seattle. I knew this day would come, but no one in my family had believed me. My longest standing gripe with my parents was that they had not enabled us to have a strong sibling relationship…

  • Therapy: A 2-for-1 Deal

    I begged and begged to not have to go to therapy. But my Class Dean at Babson College wouldn’t have it. By the third year, she knew me as an ambitious, high-performing student who was determined to graduate a year early. And she saw what I couldn’t see at the time – that I needed…

  • In Search of Home

    As a girl of Indian descent growing up in Chicago, I was taught to regularly seek blessings from elders in the family, particularly my paternal grandmother. She would place her hand on my head, and pray that I would be blessed with good health, success in school, and a good home. One day, I stopped her and said, “But grandma…

  • Embracing My Insecurities

    Now that life has returned to a slower pace, I have started to unpack the learnings from 2017. I am slowly beginning to see where my insecurities are because for the most part, they remain hidden deep within us, until triggered by specific situation and often through a specific someone…

Copyright © 2019 Sabrina Lakhani

Copyright © 2020 Sabrina Lakhani