Goodnight Mama


My soul awakens
At all odd hours
Crying for food
Wanting to be held

Are we there yet?
She asks as she looks
out of the window

A sandbox of time

She sees herself
playing as a child
Then playing with
her own child

She builds up castles
And then whoosh!
With a bucket of water
Knocks it down herself

Tires herself out
Falling back into
deep slumber

Cycles of spurring activity
And then Brahma rests

Whispering goodnight mama
I’ll see you tonight.

Two Become One


Jame Mosque of Yazd

Two candles in the sky
Pointed to oneness

Like the two wings
of a butterfly

The sea-saw motion
Of love and hope

They are mirrored
In my own body

I have two eyes
But one vision

Two parents
But one life

Dual lights
of confluence

Both majestic
and merciful

In the here and now
And the before and after

Both, the palm upon which I walk
and the fire that burns beneath it

Both call me home

To this divine infinity
And beautiful unity

Of You
And Me.

Pond of Light

Somewhere, deep within us
Shadows encircle a pond of Light

Befriend them one by one
Offer them a listening ear

Put your hand on your heart
Speak softly and say Salaam

How quickly it sets them at ease
Say: I have heard your cry for help

What is it that has hurt you?

Do not worry my friend,
I’ve brought patience and love

Let me hold you a little while
Come, let your heart hear my heart

As I offer you the peace of my arms
A sacred space for your healing

Tell me your story and lighten your load
Let me be your caravanserai

You have a long journey ahead
Let’s fill these wounds with Light
So that even in your shadows,
you will find endless Light.



Saadi’s Tomb in Shiraz, Iran




Alamut Castle

O Alamut!

O sister of Al-Azhar and Dar al-Hikmah,
O beautiful nest of shooting stars,
I’ve come to pay homage to you.

O safe haven of intellectual vitality,
O gatherer of scholars and scientists,
I’ve come to bow my head in your honor.

“But I am ruined – can’t you see? I couldn’t save the libraries…” she responded.

O preserver of tradition,
O birther of new knowledge,
Mistake not the letters for the Light,
The Light is eternal and the legacy has continued!

Come, let’s dance in the Light and set everything ablaze – watch new academies form right before your eyes!



Iran: The land of Persian mystics and Sufi poets (2)

Upon entering Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, I found myself in the city of my own heart. The hustling bazaar swiftly faded away behind me. Lit by the desert sun and contained by 4 colossal gates, the inner courtyard is a place for rest, refuge, recess, and reflection. My heart greeted me warmly, “Welcome, friend! What took you so long?”



The sun belongs to the universe,

But you, dear moon, you are my own!

You appear amidst darkness
Only visible to night seekers
Revealing the secret doctrine
Validating the truth of the day
Till the end of cycles of time…

4Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran



Iran: The land of Persian mystics and Sufi poets

Returning home with lots of pictures to share from an incredibly blessed trip to Iran, rich with history, culture, and friendship! Here’s a picture I took at the Pink Mosque in Shiraz.

The colorful rose brings the sweet scent of He. – Hafez of Shiraz


“Why Iran?” Because I wanted to be completely surrounded by beautiful Islamic architecture. I find it to be meditative…

My eyes are mesmerized by the intricate patterns. It’s a mirror for my own soul and the Soul of the Universe, both of which seem to be lost in each other as I gaze at this dome above Hafez’s tomb. And at last, I relinquish the desire to distinguish the real from its reflection.

What a gift you have been, Hafez! You passed on over 600 years ago, and yet, men, women, and children still recite your words among His lovers. What an everliving celebration you have left behind…!