I'm Sabrina, a Behavioral Scientist focused on Attachment and Trust.

I bring Attachment Science + Behavioral Science to all my roles and I am deeply passionate about cultivating trust in everything I do.

But this isn’t where I started.

As a female born to immigrant parents and raised in a joint family system, I noticed I struggled to trust.

A detective in my own home and my own mind, I was trying to discern why people’s words didn’t align with their actions. Why was no one else was deeply bothered by this?

I questioned everything. That led me out of the family business and propelled me to live in 3 countries, struggling to understand how I belong to my family of origin.

I soon found myself in a marriage that wasn’t working. Naturally, I questioned that and lived in another 5 countries, searching for answers to these questions: who am I, what drives my behavior, and what dictates my beliefs?

After deep diving into Attachment Science (and even delivering a TEDx talk on the topic), I realized it is the foundation for Behavioral Science since it explains and predicts how trust governs human relationships from birth to death.

Building trust transforms all relationships and has the power to create a calmer, more secure world for all of us.

My friends call me “textpert” | Lived in 8 countries | Speak 3+ languages | Systems Thinker | Sufi Poet

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