About the Author

Sabrina is a behavioral scientist, with a background in marketing and communications consulting, who seeks to self-actualize and create social change through her work. Her inward focus on spirituality and international work experience have influenced her strong passion for social responsibility.

She observes patterns and connects the dots. She is fascinated by human behavior and the human condition, and offers her personal insight on this website.

She holds a MBA degree from INSEAD and a BS degree in Business Management from Babson College. Her interests include psychology, systems thinking, sacred geometry, and Sufi poetry.

Personal Manifesto

The greatest potential for us human beings lies in our ability to work together.

However, too often, our preconceived notions, hard-earned independence, and subconscious insecurities get in the way and impede our growth.

We are all a set of patterns. Patterned thoughts are like computer programs that our minds cycle through routinely, which then generate a set of patterned attitudes and behaviors.

We must slow down and observe the programs running through our minds and our lives. We must question where did these programs come from? Are they serving our highest purpose?

We can uninstall the programs that are harmful and preventing us from creating better lives. We can also install new programs to override the faulty thinking and behavioral patterns so that together, we can create a more peaceful world.

True Relational Health starts from within. Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

What you believe to be true about yourself determines how you behave every day of your life. Your personal truths dictate the patterned thoughts that run through your mind and determine your actions in every relationship – be it with your spouse, family, colleagues, friends, faith community, and even our planet.

So ask yourself:
What do I hold to be true?
And, what do I deem to be beautiful?


I journey inwards – from who I am expected to be to who I really am – and unveil the inner patterns of my life and relationships.