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I help you recognize hidden beliefs that drive your behavior to fast-track your healing journey

 Amidst a heartbreaking divorce at age 29, I discovered my ability to identify hidden beliefs in speech and text. For the first time ever, I viewed my life events from an objective perspective: my divorce was entirely predictable based on my childhood.

My Journey

Born into a big immigrant family, I felt unseen and unwanted by my parents.

These insecurities were ticking time bombs waiting to explode after I married my best friend at age 27.

Within 2 years, I was divorced, devastated, and disoriented. This began my healing journey.

Re-patterning my mind

I observed how my mind reinforces false narratives and insecurities. I eradicated my insecure thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and core beliefs.

Healing my emotional body

I tuned into my body when I felt triggered to heal my most deeply rooted insecurities. I consciously experienced all my feelings and fears regardless of how difficult it was.

Reconnecting with my Authentic Self

I committed to meeting my own needs, and loving myself even if no one else did.

There's more to life than fighting for what you need...

Your triggers are from childhood

Your childhood isn't gone; it's still alive within you and requires your attention.

often triggered & misunderstood

Your triggers evoke anger, sadness, and a sense of powerlessness.

Relationships are unfulfilling

You often fight for something: attention, affection, love, resources.

feeling Alone, confused & lost

You wonder if this is all there is to life or if it will get any better or easier.

Professional Bio

TEDx Speaker. INSEAD MBA. Behavioral Scientist. Attachment Specialist.

I work full-time job as a behavioral scientist at one of the nation’s largest internet providers, where I extract insights from market research to build trust with customers. 

I earned my MBA degree from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Babson College. 

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and have also lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Singapore, France, Canada.

My personal interests include systems thinking, photography, and Sufi poetry.