Hi, I'm Sabrina.

TEDx Speaker. INSEAD MBA. Behavioral Scientist. Attachment Stylist.

Here is my story.

Struggling to overcome your insecure tendencies? The negative beliefs that cycle through your mind?

I’ve been there.

I was scared of abandonment.

I was born to hard-working immigrant parents, who did their very best, but it wasn’t enough. Their emotional absence left me aching to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for who I really am.

I was waiting to be rescued.

I yearned for someone to claim me as their own, to give me soft, gentle, loving words, and validate my feelings, confusion, hardships, and perseverance.

I was divorced by age 29.

I had a fairy tale wedding, married my best friend, but my insecurities took over, I spiraled downward emotionally, and we got divorced in less than 2 years.

I hit rock-bottom and finally healed my attachment trauma. It took me 3 years because I was going at it blind, without a guide.

A secure attachment changes the patterns in your mind and body, and gives you the best possible chance at self-actualization.

I can’t change your attachment style.

But I can tell you where to start and give you a roadmap for your healing journey.

This process takes 5 weeks.

I help you see the patterns, the source of the issues, and how they create more issues as life goes on.

This puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

I also give you exercises, tools, and strategies to intervene and change these patterns and live your best life.

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