Did I manifest this?2 min read

If you’ve followed my journey, you know this was not possible a few years ago. 

I couldn’t be around my parents for more than a few hours without getting triggered. Now we can spend days together without any heated, hurtful moments. 

How did this happen? 

I found an interesting explanation:

“An individuated human being is a person whose inner life is in exact harmony with their outer life. In such a person, everything has become simplified. 

The power of your aloneness is the font of your strength, but it in no way isolates you from your community. On the contrary, your aloneness serves to strengthen your bonds within your community. 

In an individuated being, many emotional states are naturally processed and transmuted internally, causing far less friction, confusion, or energy loss in the environment. This also brings far more ease and simplicity into all your relationships. The more individuated you become, the more energy-efficient you become.

Your purpose is to purify, intensify, and clarify your inner life in order that it ripples out, and becomes manifest in your outer life.” – Richard Rudd, author of The Gene Keys

The vacation was not a dream; it was a reflection of my inner reality. A blessing from the universe made possible by my commitment to inner work, growth, & expansion. 

I spent the last day alone, nourishing myself with no plans, and plenty of time for strolling, contemplation, and meditation. Bowing to the Universe with immense gratitude for these beautiful moments. 

And this is the reason Patterns to Presence exists – it’s an extension of our inner reality and an invitation for you to discover that this kind of reality is also possible for you.

Let us guide the way and support you in your journey. 

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