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Made in the Image of God

The Universal Command is pure vision, unlimited possibilities, and entirely boundless. It ignites the Universal Intellect, through which thought is bound, defined, and then projected onto the Universal Soul. The Universal Soul receives the perfect inspiration and begins to create the perfect cosmic reality.

Because we are made in the image of God, we work in exactly the same way.

It is our divine responsibility to create and perfect.

But what did our Creator intend for us to create and perfect?

Surely, we are meant to rise above the challenges of the human condition…

The Vision

When I close my eyes and envision the perfect collective reality, I see a world that gives birth to a new consciousness.

When I close my eyes and envision the perfect collective reality, I see a group of women sitting in a circle, birthing authentic, heartfelt connection. When I look more closely to observe the interaction between any two of them, I see a woman’s heart light up as she speaks her truth.

This is mirrored by the woman sitting next to her, closely listening and whose heart is also visibly lit. One by one, all of their hearts light up, illuminating the entire circle through an abundance of deep, meaningful, authentic interactions.

I see myself in that circle and hear myself saying, “This is me. I’m not proud of all the parts that exist. And in fact, I’m a little embarrassed by some of them – but this is who I am.”

My Deepest Desire

I want to reclaim and honor all the parts of me that have been rejected by me or someone else in my life. Those imperfections make me who I am and they are just as important as my achievements.

I don’t want to hide my flaws, my pain, my mistakes, and my deepest desires any more. I want to stop apologizing for who I am and what I want. I want to release the shame and guilt I’ve accumulated over the years and replace it with gratitude.

I want to love myself as I would love my own child.

I want to give myself the gift of unconditional acceptance. And I want to connect with others along the same path who are also yearning for genuine openness, vulnerability, and love. Together, I want to create a new consciousness.

It is our divine destiny to overcome the illusion of separateness.

The Spiral Dynamics “map” below illustrates our journey as one human family. It shows where we have been, starting at the bottom with the basic BEIGE Instinctive / Survivalist Meme and moving into the tribal culture of the PURPLE Magical / Animistic Meme. Then came the aggressive RED Impulsive / Egocentric Meme – often described as mankind’s “teenage years.”

It’s time for us to bridge from the ORANGE to the GREEN by leaving behind our patterns rooted in self-interest in exchange for inner peace and a conscious community.

Because I envision a world in which deep, meaningful conversations are abundant, I’m inviting women to come plant the seeds and help create the Authenticity Circle.

Together we will:

  • Seek peace within our inner selves
  • Explore the caring dimensions of a conscious community
  • Free ourselves from shame, guilt, and judgement
  • Honor self-awareness, compassion, and our inherent connectedness

If this resonates with you and calls out to your heart, please get in touch with me via email:

Registration and detailed information is available for each of the cities below:

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