Goodnight Mama1 min read

My soul awakens
At all odd hours
Crying for food
Wanting to be held

Are we there yet?
She asks as she looks
out of the window

A sandbox of time

She sees herself
playing as a child
Then playing with
her own child

She builds up castles
And then whoosh!
With a bucket of water
Knocks it down herself

Tires herself out
Falling back into
deep slumber

Cycles of spurring activity
And then Brahma rests

Whispering goodnight mama
I’ll see you tonight.

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Sabrina is a behavioral scientist with a background in marketing and communications consulting, who seeks to self-actualize and create social change through her work. She holds an MBA degree from INSEAD and a BS degree in Business Management from Babson College. Her interests include psychology, systems thinking, sacred geometry, and Sufi poetry.

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