New to Attachment Styles?

These patterns develop in childhood if you aren’t allowed to express anger, disappointment, and frustration. And those emotions are buried in your body, re-triggered by the smallest things.


In childhood, when you felt that you don’t matter or that you are fundamentally alone,  you unconsciously put your guard up. 

And you disconnected from your Authenticity, because you didn’t feel safe showing up as you are.

This created insecurity in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.


The path to secure attachment involves healing and freedom.

When you heal, you can let go of insecurities, limiting beliefs, and open new pathways that allow you to consciously respond rather than react to situations.

You can unlock your full potential when you reclaim your Authenticity.

Take the quiz or explore the articles below to dive deeper into Attachment Styles and how you can greater connect with and embody your Authentic Self.


What's Your Attachment Style?

Your Attachment Style develops in childhood and determines how you show up in conflict with a partner, friends, or family members.

Articles For You to Explore

DJAC 2018: Celebrate Inner Conflict

As humans, most of our daily decision-making is patterned and predictable. However, if we could zoom in on those instances where we stop and consciously think through our decisions, we might see our minds attempting to answer a single question: Who am I? In order to answer that…

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Therapy: A 2-for-1 Deal

I begged and begged to not have to go to therapy. But my Class Dean at Babson College wouldn’t have it. By the third year, she knew me as an ambitious, high-performing student who was determined to graduate a year early. And she saw what I couldn’t see at the time – that I needed…

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In Search of Home

As a girl of Indian descent growing up in Chicago, I was taught to regularly seek blessings from elders in the family, particularly my paternal grandmother. She would place her hand on my head, and pray that I would be blessed with good health, success in school, and a good home. One day, I stopped her and said, “But grandma…

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Embracing My Insecurities

Now that life has returned to a slower pace, I have started to unpack the learnings from 2017. I am slowly beginning to see where my insecurities are because for the most part, they remain hidden deep within us, until triggered by specific situation and often through a specific someone…

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Are You My Alma Mater?

Finding the right MBA program is like finding the family that speaks your language. They may not look or talk like you, but you feel “at home” because they understand and value you. I knew that INSEAD was the only school that speaks my “language” i.e. could decode my resume and understand who I am…

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Diversity + Conflict = Maximum Growth

It’s Sunday night and nearly 2 am. I have class in 6 hours, but I have an urge to sit here in silence and write. It feels like a month has gone by. Flipping through my notes from a week ago compels me to check the date again. Yep, it’s only been a week. I don’t know…

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