Author: Sabrina


Happily Divorced at 31!

Fifteen months ago, on June 7, 2016, I divorced my best friend of 10 years and husband of 2 years. I spent the next two weeks sitting on a seafoam green couch staring at…

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If You’re a Lucky Guy… Part 2

If you’re a lucky guy… you have #1 or #2: Your parents are equal partners and have a loving marriage. You’ve closely observed at least two marriages (e.g. your parents’ and one other) in your childhood. If you’re super lucky, you have #1 and #2. If you don’t have…

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If You’re a Lucky Guy… Part 1

If you’re a lucky guy… you have #1 or #2: Your mom is mature and always encourages you to put your partner first in your life. Your dad has shown you how to put a partner first in your life by putting your mom first in his life. If you’re super lucky, you have #1 and #2. This means you’re well-prepared to…

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The Gift of Faith

My grandmother passed away 23 days ago, at the age of 84, and left behind a handful of stories which will continue to shape my life forever. My grandfather taught my grandmother our Dua, the set of prescribed prayers for Ismaili Muslims all around the world, in 1957 when Prince Karim Aga Khan became our 49th Imam. Four years later…

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Daily Nourishment

So far, I’ve shown you pictures of Iran from the inside out. Here’s one looking from the outside in – this is me in my element: I am nourished by my daily reading practice. What nourishes…

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Goodnight Mama

My soul awakens
At all odd hours
Crying for food
Wanting to be held
Are we there yet?
She asks as she looks
out of the window
A sandbox of time
She sees herself…

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Two Become One

Two candles in the sky
Pointed to oneness
Like the two wings
of a butterfly
The sea-saw motion
Of love and hope
They are mirrored
In my own body
I have two eyes…

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Pond of Light

Somewhere, deep within us
Shadows encircle a pond of Light
Befriend them one by one
Offer them a listening ear
Put your hand on your heart
Speak softly and say Salaam
How quickly it sets them at ease
Say: I have heard your cry for help
What is it that has hurt you…

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Alamut Castle

O Alamut!
O sister of Al-Azhar and Dar al-Hikmah,
O beautiful nest of shooting stars,
I’ve come to pay homage to you.
O safe haven of intellectual vitality,
O gatherer of scholars and scientists,
I’ve come to bow my head in your honor.
“But I am ruined – can’t you see? I couldn’t save the libraries…

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